Acton Congregational Church aspires to a set of values that includes Jesus as our Lord and Savior, worship as the center of our community, a personal relationship with God and with our neighbors, and the church as the Body of Christ here on earth.

1. Jesus is Lord

  • We are saved by God’s grace
  • We act as Christian disciples in grateful response to the gifts God has given us, especially our salvation through Jesus Christ

2. Worship is the center of our life together

  • Worship inspires us
  • We experience God’s presence and Word in worship
  • Worship motivates us to live as Christians throughout the week

3. We have a personal relationship with God

  • We go to God in prayer
  • We grow and deepen our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • We respect and value each one of us no matter where we are on our faith journey
  • Throughout our lives, we seek to learn and understand more about God through Scripture and Christian education, instruction, and guidance

4. We love our neighbors as ourselves

  • Following Jesus, we practice compassion, generosity, and forgiveness
  • We reach out in love to one another and the broader community, making a difference in people’s lives through service

5. The church is the Body of Christ on earth

  • We are called to be a faithful, loving community
  • We endeavor to do God’s work here on earth
  • We recognize the worth of every individual
  • Everyone has something to offer