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Welcome and Goals

Whether you have been worshipping here for a short time or for many years, we welcome you and your family to the Sunday school program at Acton Congregational Church.

Sunday School is a valuable component of your child's Christian Education. We know that you and your family face pressures and demands on your time, but our hope is that you will intentionally set aside time on Sunday mornings for church, giving your children the gift of discovering God's word and guiding them towards being compassionate followers of Jesus Christ for the benefit of building God's Kingdom.

Much of what your children will come to know about God and the Christian faith they will learn first and best at home, from you. You are teaching all the time, by your faith, prayers and by your example. Remember that you are not alone; you are part of the Body of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit – we are all helping each other to grow, in the same direction, closer to God. Thank you for entrusting your children to us on Sunday mornings. Together we will endeavor to pass the good news of Jesus Christ on to the next generation.


Faith Formation Goals

  • To help each child develop a sense of awe and wonder of God.
  • To help each child know and accept how much they are loved by God.
  • To guide and encourage each child towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To make each child feel welcome, accepted and loved and to encourage them to do the same with others.
  • To recognize each child's strengths and spiritual gifts and provide avenues to use them.
  • To foster a sense of belonging to the community of faith.
  • To encourage a love of reading God’s word in the Bible.
  • To introduce foundational Bible stories and help children apply biblical truths to their daily lives.
  • To  teach bible skills.
  • To encourage memorization of Bible verses as a means to empower and equip the children to live out their lives as disciples of Christ.
  • To encourage character building: love, generosity, honesty and commitment.
  • To develop a sense of mission and giving as a loving response to God’s love.
  • To partner with families in the Christian nurture of their child at home.


The safety of our children is of paramount importance to us. Please Click here to review ACC's Sunday School Safe Church policies.