Governing Documents

Acton Congregational Church dates its anniversary from 1832, when the Acton Evangelical Society separated from the First Parish of Acton, which was founded in 1735. This "new" church was known as the Evangelical Congregational Church from 1832 until 1963, when it became a part of the new United Church of Christ. We are governed by our By-Laws, last amended on January 31, 2016.

Several other documents exist to assist us in the governing of our organization. These are offered below for the convenience of our active members and friends. Click on the links to the left to view the full documents.

Social Media Guidelines

Recent use of social media to share the good news of our faith and to enhance communications resulted in the created of Social Media Guidelines in May, 2013. Social media is defined for these purposes to include all external electronic websites or software applications that allow posting of content viewable by a broad audience.

Safe Church Policies and Procedures

Acton Congregational Church has an active Safe Church Committee whose mission is to ensure that Acton Congregational Church provides a safe and secure environment to all who participate in the ministries and activities sponsored by the church. The group meets bimonthly to discuss issues of concern and to actively update policies and procedures as needed by the church.

Financial Procedures

Acton Congregational Church also has an active Financial Audit Committee whose charter is to assist the Board of Trustees in meeting its fiduciary duties by monitoring the integrity of our internal financial controls, the performance of our independent auditor and internal audit functions, and providing communication channels between our Directors and the congregation. A number of financial procedures have been approved by this group to assist in internal financial controls.

Investment Policy

ACC has an Investment Committee under the Board of Trustees to provide guidance for investment of funds and any Planned Gifts, Principal Preservation Gifts, and Fixed Payment Gifts that are not dictated by specific legal documents with respect to investment instruments. Their objective is to provide a satisfactory return on investment as compared to established market indices without incurring undue risk and to enable ACC to make long term financial commitments in support of its ministry, so-called “Standing Commitments”, that will not be dependent on annual contributions or influenced by other operating expenditure requirements.

Gift Fund Policy

In order to enable gifts to ACC to further the work of the Church and honor the wishes of the donor, the Trustees have established the gift policies for accepting and using special gifts and memorials. The policies differ depending on whether the gift will support ongoing needs of the Church or is a planned gift such as an endowment or bequest.