Adult Education

Building lives together

Through a wide variety of adult education resources, programs and events, we have a continuous opportunity to deepen our knowledge and love of God and to grow in daily discipleship. In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, the Adult Education Committee creates ways to foster our understanding of the scriptural story in which our lives are immersed. No matter where we may be along our faith journey, we are encouraged and welcome to participate in the process, to develop spiritual practices and to discover and share our own spiritual gifts. Interactive classes, retreats and topical forums promote not only our learning but also our fellowship with one another. Throughout the year we provide devotional materials, Bible studies and discussion groups led by both clergy and laity, as well as a library located in the Olmsted Parlor.


Tuesday Night Bible Study


The Tuesday Night bible study welcomes new comers at any time.  The group meets weekly from 7 - 9 PM in the Olmsted Parlor on the 2nd floor. Contact Janice Hartford at chasandjan at or 978-793-1424 with any questions and for information on the current study.


Faith Sharing

Women's Faith Sharing meets on Thursday mornings during the school year for fellowship, light refreshments, prayer and study. Lay leaders guide the weekly study. All are welcome to join on any Thursday morning.  Contact Beth Reid  (978) 263-6686  for more information.