Sunday Morning Program

Sunday School is offered at the 9:15 Worship service.

  • Children and parents go directly to the Sanctuary for worship 
  • Sunday School is dismissed following the Children's Message 
When dismissed, children and teachers go to: 
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Room 106 
  • 1st -6th Grades Room 202 
  • Junior High Youth Room 
  • Senior High (1x per month) Grimshaw Library 
  • Children in Preschool – 6th grade will be brought to Hartman Hall 
Communion Sundays (1st of the month) 
  • Follow the same routine as above 
  • 1st Grade – Junior High will join their families for Communion 
  • Preschool/Kindergarten children will be brought to Hartman Hall 

With the exception of Communion Sundays, all children in Preschool – 6th grade will be brought to Hartman Hall by their teachers/Shepherds to meet their parents. Sunday School children will be gathered in the area by the large windows. Parents should go directly to Hartman Hall at the conclusion of the worship service to meet their children. Whenever possible we ask that parents refrain from waiting outside classrooms and from picking up their children early before the worship service is over. Children in grades 3 and below are required to be picked up by a parent or sibling 7th grade or older. Sunday School volunteers will remain in Hartman Hall until all the children are picked up. 

Preschool – Kindergarten 
The Foundations curriculum was written and inspired by a desire to teach the basic principles of the Christian faith. Who is God? What are the Ten Commandments? Why do we go to Church and what do we do there? What is the Bible? What is Prayer and Who is Jesus? A series of Advent lessons will begin teaching the story of Jesus – his birth, ministry, death and resurrection. Through Bible stories, crafts, and interactive activities, children learn about the character of God and His deep, unchanging love for them. We believe this foundation will strengthen their relationship with God, their belief in Jesus Christ and give them the tools they need to begin living the Christian life. 

1st Grade – 6th Grade 

In the fall of 2010 we adopted the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School, using the 
Cornerstones Curriculum. The curriculum has a six-year scope and sequence, assuring that all the 
major stories of the Bible are covered and laying a solid foundation for building a mature faith. Each year is sequenced to explore a theme, moving from Old Testament in the fall bridged by Christmas, Jesus' ministry in the winter bridged by Holy Week and the Resurrection and ending the year with Church History. The theme for 2015-16 is Test of Faith. Monthly themes and bible stories include Garden of Eden, Ruth, Daniel, Christmas Dreams, Healing Miracles, The Rich Young Man, Garden of Gethsemane, Doubting Thomas and Pentecost. 
With the Workshop Rotation Model, the same Bible story or theme is taught over a series of several weeks in fun, hands-on workshops. Classes rotate through the workshops, participating in a different workshop each week for the duration of the unit or rotation. 

Sanctum 180 (Junior High)

Sanctum 180 provides an oasis of peace in a troubled world for our 7th and 8th graders. It is an opportunity for the JH teens to see the world through the eyes of Christ and to turn back to Him each week. The program incorporates Youth Minister Holgie Choi's leadership and qualified, dedicated volunteers. Each month will include Holgie's teaching and the opportunity to attend worship. Using the same Cornerstones themes as the 1st-6th grades, Sanctum 180 will serve to increase fellowship among the students and deepen their faith through guestioning and sharing.